Marine Tankers Association
From the President
Once again, I send my greeting and condolences to my brothers, sister and all of the Marines and Sailors who comprised our Marine Corps Tank Battalions.  It is a sad era for all of us who cherished our roles as Tankers and those MOSs that made the Battalions function.  Wish I could tell you I understand why we went away except to tell you we follow the direction from our Leaders, agree or not.  I believe now, we need the Marine Corps Tankers Association more than ever before.  As we now have an expiration date, long in the future I hope, we must have a place to land, congregate and preserve the history, importance and contributions tanks made to the Marine Corps and our Country.  From the T17 on our Logo, the M4, M26, M47, M103, M48, M60 the M1 and ONTOS, tanks/armor have always provided the best, immediate direct fire support possible.  I am sorry to say, we will be sorely missed.  No telling what the future holds, but now we must stick together. 

In that vein, let me update you all on the MCTA Biennial Reunion.  As you may know out 2020 reunion, the first we decided to hold every other year, planned for Washington DC, was cancelled due to the Covid problem.  Though certain national confusion surround the Covid issue still, we have rescheduled the 2021 reunion, confident vaccine and the decline in infection will continue and will allow it.   As I hope you have seen in our last Newsletter, we plan to reunite at the same place, The Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel, Washington DC, 14-18 October 2021.   We secured the same rate as before, $159 per night, with the same rate available a day before and a day after.   We have transportation (HC capable) with events scheduled for the Marine Corps Museum, Quantico and most of the major DC memorials.  We included lots of free time to explore.  It is a first class venue, at a very convenient, central location, minutes from National Airport.  We are again very fortunate to have LtGen Marty Steele (The Premier Tanker extend) and his wife as our Honored Guests. We will have a hospitality center with all the necessary stuff to gather an bad mouth our current situation.  Should be a great time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  We will also conduct our Annual General Membership with election of officers.  Please make the extra effort to attend.  We are hoping for a big event.  Call Hyatt Reservations at 887-803-7534.  Please reserve soon so we can plan for more rooms and other logistics as needed.

A quick update, the MCTA Scholarship Program is doing very well, 18 were awarded this year, we hope for more this year.  Remember, you, your child and grandchild can benefit.  Thank you so much to those of you who have donated to the Association, your generosity is the basis of our program.  As we get more senior, consider a gift to the Association.  Finally, I urge all of us to keep in touch, now more than ever.  If your have a story, a tank battalion experience or character we should know about, please send it to us for inclusion in our Newsletter.  Send, it to  Sean id a 4th Tanker who has performed miracles with our publication.  We want to go much further with members content, so please help.  May the Good Lord protect each of you, stay well, and come get together with us in DC

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